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Time & Attendance

Each department is responsible for maintaining records of actual time worked for Support Staff and for maintaining records of days off for Officers. These records must be maintained and used by the department to determine overtime pay for support staff and to verify labor costs, sick leave, personal days and vacation allowances for both Support Staff and Officers. All time and attendance records are subject to examination and must be kept for at least six years.
A reminder from the VP of Human Resources regarding attendance tracking and entitlement to time off.
These documents provide policy information and guidelines related to attendance tracking/reporting, as well as specific information about the accrual/use of vacation, sick time, and personal days.
In this section, you'll find the forms and instructional guides on Time Tracking and Attendance for departmental use, Full-time and Part-time Officers, Support Staff, and Casual or Short-term workers.
What is a disability leave and how is it handled? Do Short-term Casuals get paid for University holidays? Find these answers and more...



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