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General News for Managers: Ordering Official Columbia Stationery and Letterhead

Apr 15 2013

As one of the many campus resources that support your daily business, we wanted to make sure you know that Purchasing named Columbia Print as the preferred printing vendor for the University, including production of official letterhead and stationery.

Columbia Print is the only vendor approved to purchase the official Columbia bond paper and reproduce the official University watermark. Their staff is fully trained to adhere to Columbia branding standards and can assist with your printing needs. To order stationery and letterhead, you can use their online system at http://printservices.columbia.edu/online-ordering.

Please help us by sharing this information with others in your school or department who are responsible for ordering print materials.

As a reminder, Print also offers copying, scanning, bulk mailing and design services. The current paper stock is made of 30% recycled material and Print can assist with a variety of eco-friendly print options as well. Columbia Print has two convenient locations: on the Morningside campus in the lower level of the Pulitzer (Journalism) Building, and at the Medical Center on the 2nd floor of the Hammer Science Center. For more information, please contact printing@columbia.edu or visit their website.