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Managing Performance

The annual performance review process provides the University community a framework to recognize the achievements of our staff members over the past year, and begin the conversation about new and ongoing performance goals for the upcoming fiscal year.

Performance appraisals are a powerful motivational tool, engaging employees in the broader goals of the department. A clearly defined set of expectations and an understanding of how their goals fit into the overall goals of the Department / School / Administrative Unit encourages employees to succeed. The performance appraisal process is an opportunity to recognize performance against the objectives and behaviors (performance attributes) required for success.

Performance appraisals allow managers to provide staff coaching and support in a structured way. Writing performance appraisals allows the manager to document an employee's strengths, areas of development and opportunities for career growth. A key aspect of supporting and elevating employees' performance is the relationship with their direct supervisor. More than a written form, the dialogue between managers and their staff members will help reinforce target goals for the individual, team, department and University at large.

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NCAA Statement

Columbia University is dedicated to exhibiting the highest professional standards and ethical behavior with regard to adherence to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules and regulations. Student-Athletes, Coaches, Administrators, Staff and Supporters involved with Columbia Athletics have a role and responsibility to operate with accountability and integrity when it comes to compliance with NCAA regulations. Our commitment to these standards is now included in the online performance appraisal form when printed.  If you have any questions about your department’s role in complying with NCAA regulations, please contact your HR Client Manager or call the Office of Employment and HR Client Services at 212-851-7008.

The critical dialogue between managers and their staff members sets the platform for ongoing coaching, and ultimately the final performance appraisal. Here are all the forms and guidelines in order to successfully plan, coach, and review your staff.
This form is designed for managers to log in and complete evaluations for all non-academic Officers and Non-Union Support Staff who report to them. When evaluations are complete, staff will receive an email link that allows them to log into their individual evaluation.

Click here to access FAQs related to the performance management process.


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