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Human Resources Manual

This HR manual is designed to assist staff in the schools and departments who have responsibility for administering human resources policies and processes for their faculty and staff. It provides quick access to important information and resources to help to complete these day-to-day HR activities.

The Guide focuses on core human resources (HR) functions for those Columbia University personnel holding non-academic positions: officers of administration and support staff at all Columbia locations which are served by Columbia University Human Resources.

Columbia University maintains collective bargaining agreements with multiple bargaining units. These agreements set forth the wages, terms and conditions of employment, and working conditions of approximately 3,200 support staff. Information regarding HR management for employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement can be found in the applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Individual schools may have additional policies for recruiting and hiring officers and support staff. Please consult with your school's Human Resources office or Dean's office as appropriate.

Information regarding HR management for academic positions — officers of instruction, officers of research, and student officers — can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Contact a Human Resources office.