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News Highlights

  • Once a year, the University takes the opportunity to recognize the achievements of our administrative employees and begin the conversation about new and ongoing individual performance goals, as well as engaging employees in the broader goals of the department.

    Writing performance appraisals allows you to support your staff by documenting their strengths, areas of development, and opportunities for career growth. These appraisals also build employees' relationships with their direct supervisor, which elevates performance. It's proven that this dialogue helps reinforce target goals for the individual, team, department and University at large.

    To help guide you through these conversations and provide resources for leading the Performance Management process, we encourage managers and supervisors to review our Guide to Performance Management, available in the HR Manager Toolkit at http://managers.hr.columbia.edu/managing-performance.

    For information on classroom training opportunities related to performance management, please contact hrlearning@columbia.edu.

    It is University policy that Officers of Administration and Non-Union Support Staff receive a written performance appraisal once per year. The completion of year-end performance appraisals generally occurs between May 1 and June 30. However, some schools and departments may use their own form or timeline. Please confer with your local HR representative or HR Client Manager for more information on the process and timeline for your school or department, while using the information in the Manager Toolkit for tips and guidance.

  • The Time-Off Tracking and Recording Sheets for full-time and part-time Officers at Morningside and the Medical Center are now available on the Manager Toolkit under "Time & Attendance."

  • As one of the many campus resources that support your daily business, we wanted to make sure you know that Purchasing named Columbia Print as the preferred printing vendor for the University, including production of official letterhead and stationery.

    Columbia Print is the only vendor approved to purchase the official Columbia bond paper and reproduce the official University watermark. Their staff is fully trained to adhere to Columbia branding standards and can assist with your printing needs. To order stationery and letterhead, you can use their online system at http://printservices.columbia.edu/online-ordering.

    Please help us by sharing this information with others in your school or department who are responsible for ordering print materials.

    As a reminder, Print also offers copying, scanning, bulk mailing and design services. The current paper stock is made of 30% recycled material and Print can assist with a variety of eco-friendly print options as well. Columbia Print has two convenient locations: on the Morningside campus in the lower level of the Pulitzer (Journalism) Building, and at the Medical Center on the 2nd floor of the Hammer Science Center. For more information, please contact printing@columbia.edu or visit their website.  

Manager Toolkit

The Manager Toolkit consolidates information for managers on HR procedures, transactions, and the PAC Toolkit.

PAC Toolkit

PAC is the acronym for People @ Columbia, which is the system that processes all Human Resources and Payroll transactions at Columbia University.  It includes modules for Template-Based Hires, Labor Accounting (additional compensation payments, salary distributions and cost transfers, employee and position data, compensation, termination and reporting). The PAC Toolkit has everything you need to know about PAC system access, training, and support. Please contact the PAC Service Center if you can't find what you need here.

HR Manual

The HR Manual is designed to assist HR Managers and Departmental Administrators in the schools and departments who administer HR policies and processes. The manual focuses on core HR functions needed for those Columbia University personnel holding non-academic positions: Officers of Administration and Support Staff at all Columbia locations that are served by Columbia University Human Resources.

Information regarding HR management for academic positions - officers of instruction, officers of research, and student officers - can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Transaction Information Guide

The Transaction Information Guide (TIG) is the home of tutorials for frequent transactions, developed based on your feedback and University policy.

We encourage you to let us know how we can make the Toolkit even more useful. You are also welcome to contact Human Resources if you have a question about policy or procedure.

HR Manager Forms

Access the HR manager forms you need as you work with faculty and staff at Columbia.